Twistshake Formula Container

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The Twistshake Formula Container has a hygienic design with an airtight lid that opens easily with just a click. Inside the box is an included scoop and a “smart edge” which makes it easy to get the right amount of food for your baby.

It is very important that you follow the advised feeding instructions for each brand. Using more or less powder than indicated will either lead to dehydration or deprive your baby of proper nutrition. 

  • The included spoon holds 9,4 ml / 0,32 oz (approx. 4,5 gram formula powder)
  • BPA-, BPS- and BPF-free - safe for both your baby and yourself
  • Practical size - holds up to 1700ml/57oz
  • Easy to open with just a click
  • Smart gripper - your scoop is always close at hand
  • Manufactured from premium high-quality Food Grade AS plastic and ABS plastic
  • Hygienic storage - perfect for baby formula or porridge powder



Twistshake Formula Container - Pastel Blue
Twistshake Formula Containers - Pastel Blue
Twistshake Formula Container - Pastel Pink
Twistshake Formula Containers - Pastel Pink
Twistshake Formula Container - Black
Twistshake Formula Containers - Black
Twistshake Formula Container - White
Twistshake Formula Containers - White