Bentley Convertible Stroller Tricycle Encourages Parent Child Exercise

 Bentley Stroller Tricycle Allows Toddlers to Exercise and Ride in Style

Do we take the stroller or do we let our daughter get her energy out? That was a question we weighed almost anytime we would go somewhere that we knew would require a lot of walking. The idea of allowing our daughter to get the exercise from walking was a huge perk of NOT taking a stroller but it was not very practical most of the time to not take one. Her little legs would get tired and we would wind up carrying her. The Bentley 6 in 1 Stroller Tricycle is the ultimate stroller for every parent. A stroller that promotes exercise!! A total MUST HAVE this Christmas!

stroller tricycle

About the Bentley Stroller Tricycle 

I am sure you all have heard of Bentley Motors, a luxury car company sought after by businessmen and women all over the world. Why stop at making luxury cars when you can give kids a dream ride in the park? That is exactly what Bentley Motors did. Collaborating together with Posh Baby and Kids, the Bentley 6 in 1 Stroller Tricycle was created. Once again, everyone is drooling over the Bentley! 

stroller tricycle

The Bentley Stroller Tricycle is sure to stand out in the crowd with its lavish design. The seats are made to replicate the seats of the luxury vehicles with cross stitched heavy duty material, made to last. Although the luxurious design stands out to parents, the comfort of the seat is loved by the children. 

Designed in collaboration with Bentley Motors and your toddler’s needs in mind, the Bentley 6-in-1 Stroller/Tricycle is the perfect combination of elegance and function.

stroller tricycle

The Bentley Stroller can be converted as your child grows from six months and up to make it useful for more than just the “baby stages”. The Bentley Stroller transitions from a stroller that children can ride into a stroller they can actually “ride” with the help of mom or dad all the way to a tricycle they can ride all on their own!

These tricycles were designed to exude a luxurious aesthetic with the world famous Bentley style in mind. The wheels on the tricycle are an exact replica of the Bentley Continental GT speed.

stroller tricycle

You may be thinking, “I do not want my child to be trying to ride the tricycle as I try to push or when I do not want the stroller to move”. The makers of the Bentley Stroller had parents in mind when they made the freewheel function. Parents can set the trike to freewheel which allows the child to get their exercise by pedaling but the pedals do not operate the stroller in any way. Allowing them to exercise even when the stroller is standing still.

Features of the Bentley Stroller Tricycle

    • Cushioned Cross Stitched Seats
    • Adjustable and removable footrests
    • 5 point safety seat belt
    • Anti-slip pedals
    • Rear breaking mechanism
    • Superior material
    • Continental GT wheels 
    • Chrome Emblems
    • Adjustable back support
    • Adjustable and removable parent push handle
    • Rear or forward facing seat choices
    • Extra large canopy (50 UPF waterproof fabric to protect from rain, wind, and sun)
    • Freewheel function

stroller tricycle

My Thoughts

The Bentley Stroller Tricycle is simply stunning. I have never seen a more luxurious stroller. Far more than even the beauty, I am amazed at the options it gives for parents to burn off that extra bit of energy while still keeping them confined in a stroller for ease of transportation. The fuschia pink Bentley Stroller Tricycle is an absolutely gorgeous color! It rides well for both mom and child! This is an absolute MUST for anyone with little ones! Make a mama happy this Christmas with the Bentley Stroller Tricycle. You can purchase yours HERE.

stroller tricycle