Which Brand of Scooter Is Best?

Want to let your kid enjoy his newly found freedom? A scooter is the best way to get started. It may be just a scooter for you, but for them, it's a way to connect with the world outside and experience life from a different perspective. A scooter helps your child get involved in healthy activities, build their neuromotor skills, and promote overall development.

You have set your eyes on a scooter, but the question remains: Are you choosing the right scooter for your kids? This article will help you choose the best scooter for your kids in the sea of options.

How to Pick The Right Scooter?

A child's age, height, and gross motor skills matter, but one should also look into the main features of a scooter to pick the right one. Scooter’s design determines the rider's safety. So you need a scooter that prioritizes your child's safety. The impeccable design of the McLaren scooter makes it super safe and fun for kids of all ages. McLaren scooter lets your kid arrive in style and cruise with comfort.

Here's what makes McLaren scooter the best of its kind:

PU Casting Wheels: A scooter with good wheels make the riding experience safer. McLaren Automotive inspires McLaren's scooter wheels. McLaren wheels are cast out of durable and sturdy material that provides a stable ride to the riders on rough and smooth surfaces.

Adjustable Handlebars: If a scooter features an adjustable handlebar, it has already helped you save money. McLaren scooters are built with adjustable handlebars that grow with your child and will also be there for your younger kid.

Non-slippery deck: Kids can fall and hurt themselves if the deck is narrow and slippery. McLaren scooter's deck is wide enough to accommodate both the legs and non-slippery to prevent any accidents when it's slippery around.

Sturdy Frame: McLaren scooters are strong enough to bear the child's weight and survive rough rides but light enough for the kids to handle. The lightweight frame helps the kids to maneuver the scooter easily.

Foldability: McLaren is foldable and portable. A folding scooter is more convenient to carry and store. You can easily keep them in a car's trunk and take them anywhere you want.

Best Scooter For your Kids

Agility and balancing skills matter when choosing between a 2 or 3-wheel scooter. If your child has never ridden a scooter before, then a three-wheel scooter will be perfect for your tot. A two-wheel scooter is for kids who have prior experience with balancing.

McLaren S01 Scooter

McLaren S01 is a three-wheel scooter that offers more stability to inexperienced riders. The two wheels in front help the kid to balance the scooter. Riders don't have to put much effort into balancing and can simply enjoy the ride. Riding a three-wheeler works as an exercise that helps strengthen calf and leg muscles. The kids above 2+ can ride this scooter safely.

McLaren S02 Scooter

A child who can balance and coordinate a two-wheel scooter can ride the McLaren S02. It is designed for kids who are 6-9 years. Kids get to learn a lot while they are riding a two-wheel scooter. Riding a 2-wheeler helps in gross motor skill development and coordination. It enhances their decision-making skills and also motivates them to get social.

McLaren S03 Scooter 

McLaren S03 is also a two-wheel scooter for 8 years and above. Its features are similar to the McLaren S02, but the design is slightly different. It has the front suspension system with ABEC-7 carbon speeding bearing offering smooth and swift rides.


Choosing the right scooter for your tyke gets confusing when you have so many scooter brand options to choose from. You should always look up to a scooter that's A1 in design and excellent in providing a comfortable ride. McLaren seamlessly fulfills all the requirements for becoming a rider's first choice because of its safety, comfort, and innovation. The best part? Each officially licensed McLaren scooter wears a badge of approval from McLaren Automotive. 

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