What Surface Is Best For Learning To Crawl?

Babies grow fast, and crawling is the first indicator of their growth. It is a part of the growth process, a stage that helps them strengthen their muscles and prepares them to walk.

Toddlers' first crawl is usually on a bed or sofa, but they are unaware that they may fall at this stage, so they need a safer option. Now, let's learn about some interesting crawling stages. 

7 Stages of Crawling

The stages of crawling picture your kid's growth from one phase to another, and here are some of them: 

  1. Shuffle Stage: It's the time when they start moving their hands and legs rapidly. These movements are signs the baby is ready to crawl.
  2. Commando Crawl: Babies tend to use their arms to crawl. It is the stage they are still struggling to move.
  3. Crawling Position: Your little tyke will learn to lean on his hands and knees. When they have started doing this, they are all set.
  4. Backward Crawl: When your child has learned the basics, they will try to do the tricks by moving forward-backward. Let them figure their way on their own.
  5. The Scoot: Some infants may start moving backward and forward by scooting on their buttocks. Such kids bend their one leg and push their arms in the opposite direction, while some may not use their arms to move.
  6. Crab Crawl: This movement involves the use of both hands and legs. The body weight is borne by one leg while the other leg is bent to propel forward, using hands for turning and control.
  7. Classic Crawl: This involves the use of alternate arms and legs. Toddlers get on one arm in the forward direction and use the legs on the opposite side to crawl.
What Surface Is Best For Learning To Crawl?
When kids learn to crawl, they need sufficient space to be flexible with their moves. Carpet or playmats are the best surfaces for a baby to learn to crawl. It is the most hygienic and safe option for your toddlers for a stress-free experience. Little ones can use playmats till the age of 4, so they have sufficient time to play on these mats from the stage of crawling to walking.

Kids are constantly growing and exploring. During their learning, they will undergo different crawling stages, and beds and sofas won't be enough. Babies learning to crawl on hard floors may hurt themselves. Carpets and playmats are the most reliable choice if you want your kids to play around in a safe environment.

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