They Grow Up So Fast

A guest post by Eleanor Budnick

You always hear the phrase “they grow up so fast” from parents, but it wasn’t until I had my daughter that I realized how true that statement was. Suddenly she could “run” in that adorable way toddlers do and wanted to try out and explore everything with no sense of danger at all. Wasn’t it yesterday that I was putting her to sleep in her bassinet? 

Although motherhood may have been the best thing to ever happen to me, anybody who says parenthood is easy is a liar. Unfortunately there’s no instruction manual on how to be a perfect parent. No ultimate handbook telling you the best products and strollers and formula for your child and as a new mom, that was overwhelming. What were the best products for me and my daughter? 

One of the essentials for having a child is a stroller and let me tell you, there are hundreds of options. Full size or lightweight? Heavy duty or low-profile? What the hell is a modular stroller? With so many options, it was hard to make a decision. This was the difference between making trips to the shopping mall or amusement park a nightmare or a cakewalk, so you can imagine it was important to me that I pick a stroller that suits all my needs. So, I went to a store and started pushing strollers around and I would recommend to any parent that they experiment with a potential stroller before purchasing. How fast does it unfold and fold? What’s the storage space like? Comfort? Price? These were all questions I was asking myself as I stared at the line of potential strollers. 

Now, you’re probably asking “Marleigh get to the point, which one did you end up going with?” Well, drum roll please……..the Bentley Trike! Out of all the strollers, from the Graco Aire3 to the Chicco Urban Stroller, the Bentley Trike ended up being the winner and let me tell you why. 

One of the main selling points was that it grows with your child so despite the price being in the upper range, I knew my daughter would be using this for a few years. I didn’t like the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on a regular stroller only to have to give it away in a couple years when my daughter outgrew it. The Bentley 6-in-1 stroller/tricycle fixed that problem because not only can it transform from a stroller to a trike, it has 4 stages to accommodate all the ages between 6 months and 5 years! Stage 1 is 6 months and up with a rotatable seat and a sturdy canopy. As my daughter had just turned one, this was perfect!

Stage 2 is 18 months up where you can remove the foot rests or tuck it in but keep the canopy on. My daughter loved the freewheel mode where she could pedal but I had the peace of mind knowing that I could ultimately maintain control of the stroller. Stage 3 is where you can remove the parental restraints and teach your child to pedal themselves. Currently, my daughter is 2.5 years old and she LOVES this stage. It’s a great way to tire out your hyperactive toddler so they go down for their nap! Stage 4 is 3 years and up where you can remove the padded back rest and safety belts to convert it into a tricycle. Although my daughter isn’t old enough for this stage yet, I already know she’s going to love this stage!

Another reason I picked the Bentley Trike over other convertible tricycles is because of the amazing quality and material used. The seat has a really wide back to relax in and the wheels are replicas of the Bentley continental GT wheels that make going up and down rough terrain a breeze. My biggest fear was that the tires would give out whilst out and about, but this thing survived a 3 hour hike on rough gravel trails so I’m pretty sure it can survive anything! A bonus point is that the trike comes with chrome logos that are classy and well-presented throughout. Best of all, this thing pushes and navigates so smoothly. With my pram, the steering was a constant nightmare that I had resigned to, so this was a pleasant surprise. 

Overall, if the Bentley Trike is in your price range, then it should be a top contender! This is an impressive piece of equipment that allows your kid to be a kid and for you as a parent to have one less thing to worry about!

The Bentley Trike is available on or in the following colours: Onyx Black, Dragon Red, Fuchsia Pink, Jetstream Blue, Sequin Blue Spruce green, and White Satin. 

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