Posh Baby And Kids brings You A Bigger Dwinguler Castle With Extension Kit

The Dwinguler Castle playroom was introduced at the ABC Kids Expo 2015 held at Las Vegas. The playpen comes in a Rainbow colour and has been designed keeping children’s safety in mind. Rounded corners, double lock for secure locking, and a sturdy frame ensure that children are not hurt as they play. The Castle also has the Dwinguler Castle Learning Station with phone games, gears, and cute animal characters, so learning and development have been taken care of as well. The Dwinguler Castle is one of the largest playpens in the market. A large size Dwinguler Playmat fits inside to create a safe and comfortable playing area for babies and children.

Dwinguler has recently introduced the Dwinguler Castle Extension Kit browse around this web-site. “The Castle playpen has been a favorite with kids and is one of our faster selling products. The original product is big enough for a large size Dwinguler Playmat to fit inside. It is spacious enough for a baby to play in comfortably. However, sometimes, a larger size is needed when either you have a bigger child or more than one child sharing the play area,” says Jeanee Li, Account Manager at Posh Baby and Kids Canada.

The Extension Kit comprises of four panels and two panel supports. The Dwinguler Castle size with the Extension Kit is 94.5 in (L) x 115.7 in (W) x 30.8 in (H). Two large-size Dwinguler Playmats can fit into the play area inside. This set is ideal when you have a bigger child or two small toddlers and need a little more space.

“The Extension Kit is a very good idea as it offers parents the option of buying the Castle Playroom and then slowly increasing the size as needed, either immediately or over time. This keeps the costs down for parents as they don’t have to buy new playpens every time their kids outgrow their current one. They can just fix the extension add-on parts and expand the playpen as needed,” added Jeanee Li.

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