New Products, New Opportunities for Dwinguler and Posh Baby and Kids!

The ABC Kids Expo 2015 is just over and what a great one it has been for Dwinguler and Posh Baby and Kids Canada! For those who are not in the know, ABC (All Baby & Child) Kids Expo has been a leading showcase for the children’s products industry. Manufacturers of baby and children’s products, their representatives and specialty store retailers and distributors get a chance to display and view existing and new products. This year, the expo was held in dazzling Las Vegas.

Dwinguler, a leading brand among play mats, has been attending the ABC Kids Expo regularly. Dwinguler has built a reputation for offering the safest, most visually engaging and educative play mats in the market. Posh Baby and Kids Canada is the exclusive distributor for Dwinguler Playmats in Canada. In fact, this year, the Canadian company shared a stall with Dwinguler at the expo.

In this year’s expo, Dwinguler displayed its existing range of play mats and also introduced new products — Dwinguler Castle Play Room, Dwinguler Kids Sofa and Butterfly Pillow and Blanket. The new introductions, particularly the Dwinguler Castle Play Room and the Dwinguler Kids Sofa, generated a lot of interest amongst visitors at the expo.

The Dwinguler Castle Play Room is available in two colors, but it was the rainbow color model that was the hot favorite of most visitors at the Dwinguler stall. The Dwinguler Kids Sofa comes in 3 colors—blue, pink and green. All three were very popular at the show. Many resellers wanted the two products lines to be available to them well before Christmas, so they could stock them in stores for holiday shoppers.

Posh Baby and Kids Canada is ensuring that the products are available as soon as possible on the site. Currently, we have all the popular Dwinguler play mats available with us. This year, Deepak Raghavan, CEO of Posh Baby and Kids Canada, got a chance to attend the expo, meet with existing resellers and interact with potential new ones. Noting the resellers demand and in order to cater to it, he was prompt in placing a stock order for the Dwinguler Castle in rainbow color and Dwinguler Sofa in blue, pink and green. Stocks are expected to arrive early in December, just in time for Christmas shopping. We are currently accepting pre-orders and those interested can start placing orders now!

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