How old should a child be for a balance bike?

Have you ever wondered what age is appropriate to introduce your kid to a bike? Starting small and playing it safe with a balance bike is the right way to initiate. Even though there’s no rule for how old a child should be, we’ve prepared a few tips and suggestions to help walk you through the decision-making process. 

The most important thing to keep in mind is that it depends entirely on your child; a balance bike is ready if your child is ready. Balance bikes are toddler-friendly, however, they’re of no use if your toddler is still crawling and figuring out ways to take the first baby step. 

When your kid has eventually learned about walking dynamics, has gained their command over it, and can move around without your support, it is the best time to hand them their first bike. That usually happens around 18 months or older, when the toddler can start and have fun with it; a balance bike is never recommended for kids under 1 year of age. 

Overall, a toddler needs a balance bike that: 

  • Helps learn balance.
  • Helps gain control.
  • Glides over rough surfaces with ease.
  • Is safe.
  • Is light in weight.

There’s no limit age for using a balance bike, so children from one year and a half up to 5 years old can use it until they are comfortable enough to switch to a pedal bike. You can always pass on these bikes to your kid's sibling as it never gets old-fashioned or out of use.

The advantage of introducing your child to balance bikes early is that they will be able to easily peddle training wheels and tricycles after learning to balance their body weight. A balance bike will never be a disappointing decision, so you can invest in it without allowing your head to get on second thought.

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