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C1 - ResizedPlay pens are fun for kids and a breath-easy device for parents! Kids love the specially created space within which they can do whatever they want. Give them a coloring or drawing book, some colors and they are happily occupied…without any doodling harm done to walls or furniture. They can play with their dolls or superheroes, building stories and spinning adventures with them in the safety of the play pen.

Parents are glad for an enclosed space within with their kids are safe and blissfully busy while they get some time to do things–tackle chores around the house, enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee while  leafing through a magazine or maybe get that much needed yoga session?

Posh Baby and Kids has a variety of play pens that offer all the above along with the added advantage of superior safety and thoughtful features. Kids will love them! And parents will love that the kids love them.

Dwinguler Castle Play Room

Dwinguler_Castle_4The play room has been designed for safety. It is spacious and sturdy yet light, making it safe and comfortable for kids. Safety features include double lock for secure locking, rounded edges to prevent injury to kids, and non-slip rubber feet that make the playpen slip-resistant and stable.The Dwinguler Castle Play Room creates a safe and healthy play area for all sorts of kiddie activities. Kids can play with their toys, draw and paint, do their homework, become kings, queens, Red indians  and invaders–all within the colorful walls of the play area. The play pen has a Learning Station  with phone games, gears, and cute animal characters. This helps boost sensory development in kids.  Dwinguler Castle is the largest play room available in the market. It’s just the right size to be used with the Dwinguler Playmat in large size.

The castle is easy to use, easy to assemble/disassemble, and easy to store and transport. You can learn more about the Dwinguler Castle Play Room here.

Dwinguler Castle Play Room Extension Kit

Dwinguler Castle Extension 4 - ResizedThe Extension Kit was created keeping kids and parents’ requirements in mind. As a child grows up, a larger, more spacious play pen is needed. Sometimes there are more kids in the family and the normal size play pen is just not adequate. The Extension Kit offers parents the option of buying the Castle Play Room and then slowly increasing the size as needed, either immediately or over time. This keeps the costs down for parents, as they don’t have to buy new play pens every time their kids outgrow their current one. They can just fix the extension add-on parts and expand the play pen as needed, making it economical for parents.It’s the same safe and trusted Dwinguler Castle Play Room but with extendable capacity. It  provides extra wall panels and panel supports to increase the size of the play area inside the castle. Two large-size Dwinguler play mats will fit inside the space comfortably, creating extra space for greater comfort.

You can learn more about the Extension kits here.

Baby Care Funzone Play Pen

Baby Care FunZone Playpen 2You can learn more about the Baby Care Funzone Playpen here.The Baby Care Funzone Play Pen is a cool way to create a quick play area for children, a temporary sleeping space for the tired little ones, or a safe space to leave naughty kiddies in while getting chores done. Baby Care Funzone is a tough, super-safe, and high quality play pen that can effortlessly handle every activity and every kind of kid. The play pen is spacious, comfortable and designed to fit a large-sized Baby Care play mat inside. Built strong, it is delightfully lightweight. Its ‘no tools required’ assembly and disassembly makes it easy to assemble, dis-assemble and store. It comes in two eye catching colours that kids will love.

Apart from play pens, we also stock good quality play mats, kids sofas and more. Check out our collection here.[:]

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