Bear Friends Luxury Kids Sofa By PBK

You’ve heard of bear hugs. Now think of your kids getting a warm bear hug every time they sit in their favorite little sofa chair! Introducing the all-new and very adorable Bear Friends Dwinguler Kids Sofas. Your little darling can choose from 4 adorable types of bears. The furry white Polar bear, the cute n cuddly Panda bear, the tough protector Grizzly bear and the expert tree climber Moon bear. Kids can choose which one they find more fascinating of the four. No matter which one they choose, all the sofas are soft, safe, comfortable, and ergonomically designed.



The sofas have been upholstered in synthetic SOFFKIN leather that is flame-resistant, antibacterial, water-proof, and eco-friendly. The soft natural leather feel, together with cushioned seats make these sofas great for comfortable lounging and perfect for an afternoon spent reading or drawing.



The rounded edges and an upright design on the Dwinguler Sofas provide optimal support and help in development of good posture. The wide base on these sofas also prevents them from tripping over. 



The surface on these Dwinguler Kid’s Sofas are made from our exclusive synthetic SOFFKIN Leather. The material feels soft, natural, and exceptionally comfortable. The SOFFKIN Leather makes Dwinguler Sofas perfect for prolonged periods of reading and drawing.




Our Sofas are exceptionally easy to maintain. Just wipe them with a damp cloth! The Sofas are water proof and the SOFFKIN Leather resists bacterial growth to reduce the spread of germs. 

The next hug your child gets can be a warm bear hug from the Bear Friends Dwinguler Kids Sofas. 

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